Silver Paw Kennel  

AKC/ASCA Standard Australian Shepherds

Our Puppies
Our puppies are well socialized from birth, with lots of interaction with both humans and other dogs. We begin to train our puppies in basic obedience and house manners from a very early age so when you take your puppy home, they are well behaved for you! We use Puppy Culture, and have seen amazing results. They will be sold between the ages of 8 to 10 weeks. The puppies will have received the first set of shots, and if they are old enough they will have their second set. There is a $200 reservation fee, that will go towards the price of the puppy. Each puppy comes with a care package, which includes an information packet, a small bag of food, toys, leash and collar, and a ton of information on both genetic issues that are prevalent in the breed and exercise guidelines for puppies. All our dogs have their genetic health testing done. Results can be found on individual dog pages.

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We have two price options: 
Full registration means that if you breed your dog, you will be able to register the puppies with the AKC / ASCA. Full registration will only be an option for approved dogs and homes. 
Limited registration means that while your dog is registered, any puppies he or she may have are not eligible for registration. Most puppies will be sold on a spay/neuter contract.
**We DO NOT price based on body color, eye color, or gender**